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About Us

About Optimum SSL

Optimum is a trusted Certificate Authority that provides the highest quality domain validated certificates at some of the lowest prices in the industry. We offer responsible companies the unique combination of high speed domain validated certificates and highly trusted, organization validated certificates.

Optimum SSL certificates lower the barrier of entry for companies wanting to quickly secure websites for E-commerce. Companies running Apache or IIS web servers benefit from our automated certificate issuance processes, making Optimum SSL ideal for low transaction value and low volume e-commerce requirements.

To offer the widest choice possible to our customers, Optimum SSL has also chosen to resell the Instant SSL certificates from Comodo. Instant SSL certificates are fully organization validated certificates and are only issued after a stringent two step validation procedure. Thanks to Comodo's investment in the revolutionary IdAuthority, issuance time for these certificates is substantially lower than the competition.

Why do we cost less?

Optimum SSL can deliver the highest quality certificates at lower prices because we leverage new infrastructure technologies and processes to significantly reduce validation intervals and customer installation requirements - cutting the long term cost of supplying certificates

Optimum SSL certificates are issued using our fully automatic, 100% online ordering and provisioning system. In most cases, simply replying to the email we send you is enough to validate your certificate.

Instant SSL, from Comodo CA, use their revolutionary IdAuthority to expedite the issuance of their certificates. IdAuthority is one of the largest commercial online directories and provides the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy in validation methods.

We've also standardized our business processes and technologies to increase the efficiency of our communication, support and work flow procedures. Together, these new technologies and processes are driving our costs down and we pass these savings on to you.

Contact Details:

Optimum SSL CA

General information - info@optimumssl.com

Sales enquiries - sales@optimumssl.com

Support requests - support@optimumssl.com

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