Optimum SSL with EV Multi-Domain

Extended Validation Multi-Domain SSL certificates (EV MDC’s) allow you to secure up to 100 different domains or sub-domains with a single SSL certificate

1 Year
P.A.Oper year
2 Year
P.A.Oper year
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1-7 days
and non-www

Free Static
Site Seal
Free unlimited
Server Licensing
Address Bar

Validation Options
Encryption Technologies
SHA2 and ECC

From P.A.O per domain for the first 3 domains and P.A.O for every domain per year thereafter, EV MDCs make it cost-effective for merchants of all sizes to get the green address bar on every website they own.

Each EV certificate displays the green address bar during secure sessions to assure customers it is safe to complete their transaction.

Apart from being the lowest cost EV solution on the market, each Optimum SSL EV MDC also comes with an unbeatable trust package. Additional features such as free 1 year PCI scanning, unlimited server licenses, PCI compliance scanning, daily website scanning, $1,500,000 warranty, free phone priority support and a no-questions 30 day money back guarantee.

EV SSL Certificate Benefits and Features
  • Simple and convenient - manage one certificate for all of your domains
  • Huge savings over the cost of individual EV certificates
  • Priority phone support
  • Highest possible levels of trust and security
  • 30 day, no questions, money back guarantee
  • Green address bar creates immediate trust and helps customer conversion
  • Trusted Site Seal
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Your certificate is trusted by all major internet browsers and mobile devices
  • $1,500,000 relying party warranty

Plus – 1 year free PCI scanning service, 1 year free daily website vulnerability scanning (limited to one license each per account).

SSL Certificate description

The Comodo Optimum SSL is one of the most affordable and popular Domain validation SSL certificate in the World. However, it is 2048-bit industry standard product with SHA2 hash algorithms available. Optimum SSL comes with a green lock on the address line that helps customers understand that their data are encrypted and kept private. There is no any other so good SSL for small websites, start-ups and other environment protection.

No paperwork at all, automated validation let issue SSL within 3-5 minutes. Average installation takes just a few minutes to install it on any web server or environment. A cost effective solution to building the trust Online. It works with both with/without WWW prefix domain names and has unlimited free reissues. Unlimited server licensing gives the option to install SSL on as many servers you need.

The Comodo SSL covers up to 99.6% of all browsers and mobile devices available on the market. Many other CA brands charge a lot more for a product that does not have such features. Every SSL Optimum SSL provides 30-day money back guarantee for any possible reason. Get advanced technical support and excellent customer care from both, Comodo CA and Optimum SSL team. Check other Comodo SSL certificates available.

Multi-Domain SSL with SAN support

Multi-Domain SSL certificates, also known as Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL or Unified Communication (UCC) SSL certificates were developed to manage different domain names and their subdomains under same certificate and owner. Now it is possible to secure up to 250 SAN names with full support of Extended validation certificates powered with Green Address Bar. SAN/UCC/MDC SSL certificates are fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Server products.

Multi-Domain with EV validaiton

The only way to get Green Address Bar is to pass Extended validation process. Such certificates provide up to $1,500,000 warranty level and strongest protection available. EV Multi-Domain SSL saves time on validation, as only one validation process involved to validate all domains, otherwise multiple validation processes needed with single domain SSL certificates. Check EV validation steps to understand major principals of the verification process.

Static Site Seal Logo

SiteSeal logos were designed to show instantly to people the website is secured and well-protected. Multi-Domain SSL certificates come with standard Static Seal Logo, and that is the only minor point of purchasing them, as all single domain EV SSL certificates come with Dynamic logo and animated Corner of Trust technology. Check Comodo EV MDC SiteSeal

Improve Your Google Rank

The minor modifications in Google ranking algorithm help websites with active and valid SSL certificates to get higher positions in Google search. That change applies to all type of SSL certificates like Domain, Business or Extended validation. Verified companies/organizations may get even higher results.

Compare Multi-Domain EV SSL

We provide most detailed SSL comparison of Multi-Domain EV SSL available today. Professional and easy comparison allows to understand the main features of SAN/UCC certificate. Price was never the major factor choosing an SSL certificate, sometimes affordable SSL certificate from one vendor may have more features than others.