Optimum SSL Premium with DV Multi-Domain

Secure up to 100 different domains or sub-domains with a single SSL certificate.

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5 min issuance
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Free Static
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SHA2 and ECC

Key Feature Summary
  • No paperwork needed so this SSL can be issued within minutes
  • LOW COST from only yet with the same high quality as the more expensive brands
  • Domain validated 128/ 256 bit encryption
  • 30 day refund policy
  • Automated issuance speeds certificate delivery
  • Trusted by all popular Browsers with 99.9% ubiquity
  • Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy
  • Email support
  • Trusted Site Seal

With Optimum SSL Premium you get
  • Secure padlock on your website confirming you site is SSL protected
  • 128 bit SSL Certificate designed for encrypting web sites
  • Your certificate is trusted by all major internet browsers and mobile devices
  • Issuance within minutes - so you are ready to start making money online

Multi-Domain SSL (UCC/SAN)

A Multi-Domain SSL is also referred to as an Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) or a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificate. It may be used to secure different domain names and their sub-domains under same or different servers. UCC/SAN certificates are compatible with any Exchange servers and work with unlimited IP addresses. Managing a single SSL is easier than managing multiple certificates.

SSL Certificate description

The Comodo Optimum SSL is one of the most affordable and popular Domain validation SSL certificate in the World. However, it is 2048-bit industry standard product with SHA2 hash algorithms available. Optimum SSL comes with a green lock on the address line that helps customers understand that their data are encrypted and kept private. There is no any other so good SSL for small websites, start-ups and other environment protection. No paperwork at all, automated validation let issue SSL within 3-5 minutes. Average installation takes just a few minutes to install it on any web server or environment. A cost effective solution to building the trust Online. It works with both with/without WWW prefix domain names and has unlimited free reissues. Unlimited server licensing gives the option to install SSL on as many servers you need.

The Comodo SSL covers up to 99.6% of all browsers and mobile devices available on the market. Many other CA brands charge a lot more for a product that does not have such features. Every SSL Optimum SSL provides 30-day money back guarantee for any possible reason. Get advanced technical support and excellent customer care from both, Comodo CA and Optimum SSL team. Check other Comodo SSL certificates available.

Domain Validation

SSL Individual, Organization or Government entity, it does not matter as anyone can get DV SSL certificate as no paperwork requires. Pass domain ownership verification via one of the available validation methods such as E-mail, DNS CNAME or HTTP hash file. SSL arrives quickly after success pass of verification.

Static Site Seal.

Show the website is secured Every Optimum SSL comes with free site seal logo to show visitors the website as high protection against hackers and phishing attacks. Site seal comes in two image formats, PNG and GIF, both available in tran sparent mode. Get more sales, as a result, of more trust to a services and brand. Check out how Optimum SSL seal looks like.

Improve Your Google Rank

The minor modifications in Google ranking algorithm help websites with active and valid SSL certificates to get higher positions in Google search. That change applies to all type of SSL certificates like Domain, Business or Extended validation. Verified companies/organizations may get even higher results.

Compatible devices

Every Certificate Authority (Brand) has its own certificate compatibility with browsers, mobile devices and server platforms. Comodo Optimum SSL comes with 99.6% support of all devices. Intermediate CA certificate installation requires getting highest compatibility results. Take a minute to discover support devices.

Optimum SSL vs. other SSL certificates

More and more people confused when they need to choose best SSL for their needs, so many SSL brands and different products. That is why, Optimum SSL team, offers to use professional SSL comparison tool to find the right item quickly. Price is an important factor but not a major one; please check features like warranty amount, unlimited reissue option, and unlimited server licensing.