Optimum SSL Premium Wildcard

Optimum SSL is proud to offer our customers the best in multi-domain SSL protection – the identity assured Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate from Comodo. This Premium SSL Certificate verifies that transactions on your site are secured. Importantly, it reassures your customers you are safe to do business with because your identity can be verified with the Comodo TrustLogo on your site.

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5 min issuance
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Key Feature Summary
  • Secure multiple subdomains, (e.g. admin.mycompany.com, www.mycompany.com, sales.mycompany.com) on a single domain name with one Certificate
  • Full business validated certificate powered by Comodo, the world's largest Certification Authority
  • Certificate issuance often in 30 minutes or less
  • Your certificate is trusted by all major internet browsers and mobile devices
  • $500,000 Warranty
  • 30 day refund policy
  • Starting at P.A.O per certificate
  • Unlimited Reissuance Policy
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • Full telephone, email and web support
  • TrustLogo with patented method for establishing trust online

With Optimum SSL Premium you get
  • Identity assurance for increased trust
  • Cost efficiency of multiple sub-domains SSL management
  • Iron-clad security to protect customers' sensitive data
  • Telephone, email and web support from Comodo
  • Issuance in often under a day and much faster than other leading providers

SSL Certificate description

The Comodo Optimum SSL is one of the most affordable and popular Domain validation SSL certificate in the World. However, it is 2048-bit industry standard product with SHA2 hash algorithms available. Optimum SSL comes with a green lock on the address line that helps customers understand that their data are encrypted and kept private. There is no any other so good SSL for small websites, start-ups and other environment protection. No paperwork at all, automated validation let issue SSL within 3-5 minutes. Average installation takes just a few minutes to install it on any web server or environment. A cost effective solution to building the trust Online. It works with both with/without WWW prefix domain names and has unlimited free reissues. Unlimited server licensing gives the option to install SSL on as many servers you need.

The Comodo SSL covers up to 99.6% of all browsers and mobile devices available on the market. Many other CA brands charge a lot more for a product that does not have such features. Every SSL Optimum SSL provides 30-day money back guarantee for any possible reason. Get advanced technical support and excellent customer care from both, Comodo CA and Optimum SSL team. Check other Comodo SSL certificates available.

Static Site Seal.

Show the website is secured Every Optimum SSL comes with free site seal logo to show visitors the website as high protection against hackers and phishing attacks. Site seal comes in two image formats, PNG and GIF, both available in tran sparent mode. Get more sales, as a result, of more trust to a services and brand. Check out how Optimum SSL seal looks like.

SSL with Wildcard enabled

Choose SSL with Wildcard support to stop the use of multiple single domain SSL certificates to secure subdomains. Most of the websites require securing its subdomains as well as the common name for client area or order system exists. Comodo wildcard certificates always come with unlimited server licensing, not like some other popular CA brands, some charge for every single server extra price.

No Business verification

Paperwork and organization verification takes days, sometimes weeks, that is why start-ups and small projects use Domain validation certificates. It takes not more than five minutes to get SSL and around the same time to install to the server, which is fast enough for effective protection, right here right now. Domain SSL has same encryption level as most expensive OV/EV SSL certificates, and that is awesome.

Optimum SSL Wildcard compatibility

Day by day new browsers and devices arrive at the Online World; that is why it is so important to make sure SSL works and compatible with all devices. Comodo offers 99,6+ browser/mobile device support with every certificate. Check SSL compatibility list if any doubts.

Boost SEO ranking

Google Inc. has announced changes in search engine algorithm. Now all websites with active SSL certificates installed gain more trust and higher ranking positions. That is minor improvements to your site rankings. We believe that Business and Extended Validation certificates ranked higher than Domain validation products.

Compare DV Wildcard SSL

When it is time to speak about Domain Validation SSL certificates, there are always lots of questions as the market is full of versatile offers, affordable and expensive, old and new CA brands. Professional SSL comparison saves, when user faces the choice for the very first time. Optimum SSL knows that the price is not the major factor of right SSL, trust it.